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Materials Science and Nano-Engineering (MSN)


  • A Pb–Zn mine tailings reprocessing using centrifugal dense media separation. . Khalil , R. Argane , M. Benzaazoua, H. Bouzahzah , Y. Taha , R. Hakkou, Minerals Engineering 131 (2019) 28–37
  • Leaching and geochemical behavior of fired bricks containing coal wastes Yassine Tahaa, Mostafa Benzaazoua, Mohamed Edahbi, Mohammed Mansori, Rachid Hakkou J Environ Manage. 2018 Mar 1;209:227-235.
  • Flat ceramic microfiltration membrane based on natural clay and Moroccan phosphate for desalination and industrial wastewater treatment. M. Mouiyaa,b,⁎, A. Abourrichea,b,⁎, A. Bouazizic, A. Benhammoua, Y. El Hafianee, Y. Abouliatima, L. Niboua, M. Oumamb, M.Ouammouc, A. Smithe, H. Hannacheb,d Volume 427, 1 February 2018, Pages 42-50
  • Application of Quebec recycling guidelines to assess the use feasibility of waste rocks as construction aggregates Youssef Benarchida, Yassine Tahaa,b, Rabei Argane, Mostafa Benzaazoua Volume 59, December 2018, Pages 68-76
  • Investigation on the Pyrolysiskinetics and Mechanism of Date Stone Using Thermogravimetric Analysis H. Hammani, W. Boumya , M. Achak, O. Abdelaoui, M. El Achaby, A. Barakat5, K. El harfi, M.A. ElMhammedi, A. Aboulkas Volume 3 Issue 01 January-2018, Page No-366-375
  • New highly hydrated cellulose microfibrils with a tendril helical morphology extracted from agrowaste material: application to removal of dyes from waste water M. El Achaby, N. Fayou M. C. Figuero-Espinoz H. Ben youcefa and A. Aboulkas RSC Adv., 2018, 8, 5212
  • Thermochemical behaviour of Algal Waste: Kinetics and Mechanismof the Pyrolysis A. Aboulkas, A. Tabbal, H. Bouaik, M. El Achaby, K. El harfi, A. Barakat Volume 3 Issue 01 January-2018, Page No-376-383
  • Alfa fibers as viable sustainable source for cellulose nanocrystals extraction: Application for improving the tensile properties of biopolymer nanocomposite films Mounir El Achabya,, Zineb Kassab, Abdelatif Barakat, Adil Aboulkas Industrial Crops & Products 112 (2018) 499–510
  • Reuse of red algae waste for the production of cellulose nanocrystalsand its application in polymer nanocomposites Mounir El Achaby , Zineb Kassab, Adil Aboulkas, Cédric Gaillard, Abdellatif Barakat International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 106 (2018) 681–691
  • On the P2-NaxCo1−y(Mn2/3Ni1/3)yO2 Cathode Materials for Sodium-Ion Batteries: Synthesis, Electrochemical Performance, and Redox Processes Occurring during the Electrochemical Cycling Siham Doubaji, Lu Ma, Habtom Desta Asfaw, Ilyasse Izanzar, Rui Xu, Jones Alami, Jun Lu,Tianpin Wu, Khalil Amine, Kristina Edströ m, and Ismael Saadoune ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2018, 10, 488−501
  •  CO2 capture using N-containing nanoporous activated carbon obtained from Argan fruit shell Ouassim Boujibara, Ahmed Souiknya, Fouad Ghamoussb, Ouafae Achaka, Mouad Dahbi c,Tarik Chafika Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering (2018) 1995–2002
  • Mechanism of the First Lithiation/Delithiation Process in the Anode Material CoFeOPO4@C for Li-Ion Batteries H. Aziam, Y. Tamraoui, L. Ma, R. Amine, T. Wu, B. Manoun, K. Amine,J. Alami, and I. Saadoune J. Phys. Chem. C 2018, 122, 7139−7148
  • S-containing copolymer as cathode material in poly(ethylene oxide)-based all-solid-state Li-S batteries Ismael Gracia, Hicham Benyoucef , Xabier Judez, Uxue Oteo, Heng Zhanga, Chunmei Lia,Lide M. Rodriguez-Martinez, Michel Armanda Journal of Power Sources 390 (2018) 148–152
  • Pseudocapacitive charge storage properties of Na2/3Co2/3Mn2/9Ni1/9O2 in Na-ion batterie M. Valvo , S. Doubaji , I. Saadoune , K. Edstr Electrochimica Acta 276 (2018) 142-152
  • Recycling of phosphate mine tailings for the production of Geopolymers. S. Moukannaa, M. Loutou , M. Benzaazoua , L. Vitola , J. Alami , R. Hakkou Journal of Cleaner Production 185 (2018) 891-903
  • Hard carbons issued from date palm as efficient anode materials for sodium-ion batteries Ilyasse Izanzar , Mouad Dahbi , Manami Kiso , Siham Doubaji , Shinichi Komaba, Ismael Saadoune Carbon 137 (2018) 165-173
  • A Wide Adsorption Range Hybrid Material Based on Chitosan, Activated Carbon and Montmorillonite for Water Treatment Farida Bouyahmed , Min Cai , Laurence Reinert , Laurent Duclaux , Ratan Kumar Dey ,Hicham Benyoucef , Mohammed Lahcini , Fabrice Muller and Sandrine Delpeux-Ouldriane C 2018, 4, 35; doi:10.3390/c4020035
  • The use of insoluble mater of Moroccan oil shale for removal of dyes from aqueous solution Az-iddin Chham, El Hassane Khouya, Mina Oumam, Abdelkerim Abourriche, Said Gmouh, Mohamed larzek , Ssaid Mansouri, Nawal Elhammoudi, Naima Hanafi and Hassan Hannache Chemistry International 4(1) (2018) 67-76
  • Hydrolysis of Hemicellulose andDerivatives: A Review of Recent Advances in the Production of Furfural. Frederic Delbecq, Yantao Wang, Anitha Muralidhara, Karim El Ouardi, Guy Marlair, Christophe Len. Doi: 10.3389/fchem.2018.00146
  • Inhibiting effect of textile wastewater on the activity of sludge from the biological treatment process of the activated sludge plant. L. Gebrati a,b , M. El Achaby c , H. Chatoui d , M. Laqbaqbi e,f , J. El Kharraz f , F. Aziz (2018)
  • Recovery of Residual Silver-Bearing Minerals from Low-Grade Tailings by Froth Flotation: The Case of Zgounder Mine, Morocco Boujemaa Drif, Yassine Taha, Rachid Hakkou and Mostafa Benzaazoua Minerals 2018, 8, 273; Doi:10.3390/min8070273
  • Structural, vibrational, and dielectric investigations of Ba0.925Bi0.05(Ti0.95−xZrx) Sn0.05O3 ceramics N. Haddadou, J. Belhadi, B. Manoun, K. Taïbi, B. Carcan, M. El Marssi, A. Lahmar Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, September 2018, Volume 29, Issue 18, pp 16144–1615
  • Structural investigation, dielectric, ferroelectric, and elecrocaloric properties of lead free Ba( 1−x)CaxTi(1−x)(Li1/3Nb2/3)xO3−δ (x = 0.02and x = 0.07) ceramics. F. Lawar.  J. Belhadi · B. Asbani · B. Manoun· H. Kaddoussi · M. Courty · C. Boudaya · M. El Marssi ·H. Khemakhem1 · A. Lahmar2 Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics November 2018, Volume 29, Issue 21, pp 18640–18649
  • Elaboration of novel adsorbent from Moroccan oil shale using Plackett–Burman design Chemistry International. 4(1) (2018) 7-14
  • Supercritical water extraction and characterization of Moroccan shale oil by different solvent A. Chham , E. Khouya , A. K. Abourriche , M. Oumam , S. Gmouh , S. Mansouri , M. El Harti1 , H. Hannache J. Mater. Environ. Sci., 2018, Volume 9, Issue 6, Page 1771-1778
  • M. Fukunishi, T. Horiba, M. Dahbi, K. Kubota, S. Yasuno, S. Komaba, Optimizing Micrometer-Sized Sn Powder Composite Electrodes for Sodium-Ion Batteries, Electrochemistry, in press (2019)
  • G. Xu, R. Amine, A. Abouimrane, H. Che, M. Dahbi, Z. Ma, I. Saadoune, J. Alami, W. L. Mattis, F. Pan, Z. Chen, K. Amine, Challenges in Developing Electrodes, Electrolytes, and Diagnostics Tools to Understand and Advance Sodium‐Ion Batteries, Advanced Energy Materials, 8, 1702403 (2018)
  • Synthesis and characterization of CuO/ZnO/CNTs thin films on copper substrate and its photocatalytic applications. D. Saravanakkumar; Hicham Abou Oualid; Younes Brahmi; A. Ayeshamariam; M. Karunanaithy; A. Mohamed Saleem; K. Kaviyarasu; S. Sivaranjani; M. Jayachandran. OpenNano, 4 (2019) 100025.
  • Quarry sludges: thermal transformation, microstructure and technological properties. Waste and Biomass Valorization. Vol 9, Issue 10, pp 1805–1815 M. Loutou , R. Hakkou , R. Argane , M. Mansori , L. Grase, R. Svinka, G. Mezinskis (2018)
  • Recovery of Residual Silver Bearing Minerals from Low-Grade Tailings by Froth Flotation: The Case of Zgounder Mine, Morocco. Boujemaa Drif, Yassine Taha, Rachid Hakkou, Mostafa Benzaazoua (2018): Minerals;  8(7):273. DOI:10.3390/min8070273
  • Understanding the electrochemical lithiation/delithiation process in the anode material for lithium ion batteries NiFeOPO4/C using ex-situ X-ray absorption near edge spectroscopy and in-situ synchrotron X-ray, H. Aziam, G. Garhi, Y. Tamraoui, L. Ma, T. Wu, G. L. Xu, B. Manoun, J.Alami, K.Amine, I. Saadoune, Electrochimica Acta, 283, 2018 1238-1244
  • Nickel-Iron Oxyphosphate as Anode Material for Lithium-Ion Batteries: NiFeOPO4, H. Aziam, B. Manoun, K. Morsli, D. Dhiba, J. Alami, I. Saadoune, IEEE Xplore, 2018
  • Improved mechanical properties of k-carrageenan-based nanocomposite films reinforced with cellulose nanocrystals, Z. Kassab, M. El Achaby, H. Hannache, A. Aboulkas, H. Ben youcef, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules (Accepted 2018)
  • Cellulose Nanocrystals from Miscanthus Fibers: Insights into Rheological, Physico-Chemical Properties and Polymer Reinforcing Ability, M. El Achaby, N. El Miri, H. Hannache, S. Gmouh, V. Trabadelo, A. Aboulkas, H. Ben youcef, Cellulose 25 (2018) 6603–6619
  • Production of cellulose nanocrystals from vine shoots and their use for the development of nanocomposite materials, M. El Achaby, N. El Miri, H. Hannache, S. Gmouh, H. Ben youcef, A. Aboulkas, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules117 (2018) 592-600
  • Effect of plasticizers on physicochemical properties of cellulose nanocrystals filled alginate bionanocomposite films, M. El Achaby, N. El Miri, H. Hannache, S. Gmouh, H. Ben youcef, A. Aboulkas, Advances in Polymer Technology (2018) 1-15.
  • A wide adsorption range hybrid material based on chitosan, activated carbon and montmorillonite for water treatment, F. Bouyahmed, M. Cai, L. Reinert, L. Duclaux, R. Kumar Dey, H. Ben youcef, M. Lahcini, F.Muller, S. Delpeux-Ouldriane, C (2018), 4, 35
  • S-containing copolymer as cathode material in poly(ethylene oxide)-based all solid state Li-S batteries, I. Garcia, H. Ben youcef, X. Judez, U. Oteo, H. Zhang, C. Li, L. M. Rodriguez-Martinez, M. Armand, J. Power Sources 390 (2018) 148-152
  • New highly hydrated cellulose microfibrils with a tendril helical morphology extracted from agro-waste material: application to removal of dyes from waste water, M. El Achaby, N. Fayoud, M. C. Figueroa-Espinoza, H. Ben youcef, A. Aboulkas, RSC Advances 8 (2018) 5212-5224
  • Elaboration, Rietveld refinements and vibrational spectroscopic studies of a new lacunar apatite series: NaPb3–x Ca x Cd (PO4) 3 (0≤ x≤ 1), M. B. Baaziz, M. Azrour, A. Batan, B. Manoun, Journal of Chemical Research 42 (11), 564-571 (2017)
  • Structural, electronic and optical properties of double perovskite oxide BaSrMgTeO6M. Ait Haddouch, A. Abbassi, Y. Aharbil, H. Labrim, Y. Tamraoui, F. Mirinioui, A.Benyoussef, L. Laânab and S.Benmokhtar (2017)
  • Understanding the lithiation/delithiation process in SnP2O7 anode material for lithium-ion batteries Ilham Bezzaa, Vanessa Trouillet, Andy Fiedler, Michael Bruns, Sylvio Indris, Helmut Ehrenberg, Ismael Saadoune (2017)
  • Valorization of algal waste via pyrolysis in a fixed-bed reactor: Production and characterization of bio-oil and bio-char, A. Aboulkas, H. Hammani, M. El Achaby, E. Bilal, A. Barakat, K. El harfi (2017)
  • New Single Ion Conducting Blend Based on PEO and PA-LiTFSI Michał Piszcza, Oihane Garcia-Calvoa, Uxue Oteoa, Juan M. Lopez del Amoa, Chunmei Lia, Lide M. Rodriguez-Martineza, Hicham Ben Youcefa, Nerea Lagoa, Jörg Thielenb, Michel Armanda (2017)
  • Crystal structure and high temperature Raman spectroscopy of Sr2ZnTeO6 double perovskite Bouchaib Manoun, Y Tamraoui, I Saadoune, P Lazor, W Yang5 and J Alami, (2017)
  • Processing and properties of eco-friendly bio-nanocomposite films filled with cellulose nanocrystals from sugarcane bagasse. Mounir El Achaby, Nassima El Mirib, Adil Aboulkas , Mohamed Zahouily b,Essaid Bilald, Abdellatif Barakate, Abderrahim Solhy. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 96 (2017) 340–352
  • Properties of metakaolin based geopolymer incorporating calcium carbonate A. Aboulayt M. Riahi , M. Ouazzani Touhami .H. Hannache , M. Gomina , R. Moussa, Advanced Powder Technology 28 (2017) 2393–2401.
  • Sodium modified hydroxyapatite: highly efficient and stable. Solid-base catalyst for Biodiesel production. Younes Essamlalia, , Othmane Amadinea, , Mohamed Larzek, Christophe Len , Mohamed Zahouily, Energy Conversion and Management (2017)
  • Hydroxyapatite: A review of syntheses, structure and applications in heterogeneous catalysi Article · June 2017 with 44 Reads1st Aziz Fihri, Christophe Len, Rajender S Varma, Abderrahim Solhy
  • Insights into the Structural Effects on the Reaction Activity of Cathode Materials for High Voltage Sodium-ion Batteries, G.L. Xu, Y.F. Xu, T. Ma, Y. Ren, C.J. Sun, Y. Liu, X. Zhang, S. M. Heald, A. Solhy, I. Saadoune, S.-G. Sun, Z. Chen, and K. Amine, Energy Environ Sci, (2017)
  • Phosphate sludge-based ceramics: Microstructure and effects of processing factors. Journal of Building Engineering Mohamed Loutou, Mohamed Hajjaji, Mohammed Ait Babramd, Mohammed Mansori, Claude Favotto and Rachid Hakkou (2017). (in press)
  • Temperature and composition induced phase transitions in Sr2−xCa1+xTeO6 (0 ≤ x ≤ 2) double perovskite oxides,Y. Tamraoui, Bouchaib Manoun, F. Mirinioui, I. Saadoune, R. Haloui, A. Elhachmi, E. Saad, P. Lazor Journal of Molecular Structure, 1131 ( 2017) 103-113
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  • Sequence of structural transitions and electrocaloric properties in(Ba1xCax)(Zr0.1Ti0.9)O3 ceramics H. Kaddoussi, A. Lahmar, Y. Gagou, B. Manoun, J.N. Chotard, J.-L. Dellis, Z. Kutnjak, H. Khemakhem, B. Elouadi, M. El Marssi, , Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 713, 164-179 (2017)
  • High-performance Li-ion Battery based on Cr-Substituted Lithium Manganite and Lithium Titanate Spinels: Influence of Mass Balance on its Electrochemistry, M. Aklalouch, J. M. Amarilla, J. M.Rojo, A. Solhy, R.M. Rojas, I. Saadoune, Energ. Tech. (in press) DOI: 10.1002/ente.201600462 (2017)
  • The design and study of new Li-ion full cells of LiCo2/3Ni1/6Mn1/6O2 positive electrode paired with MnSn2 and Li4Ti5O12 negative electrodes, A. Mahmoud, I. Saadoune, P.E. Lippens, M. Chamas, R. Hakkou, J.M. Amarilla, Solid State ionics, 300; 175–181 (2017)
  • Layered P2-Na2/3Co1/2Ti1/2O2 as a high-performance cathode material for sodium-ion batteries, Noha S., S. Doubaji, K. Hashimoto, S. Komaba, K. Amine, A.Solhy, B. Manoun, E. Bilal, I. Saadoune, 342, 998–1005 (2017)
  • Reuse of red algae waste for the production of cellulose nanocrystals and its application in polymer nanocomposites.El Achaby M., Kassab Z., Aboulkas A., Gaillard C., Barakat A., Int J Biol Macromol. 2017 Aug  16.
  • Synthesis and electrochemical properties of KPb4_xCax(PO4)3 (0 _ x _ 1.5) for oxidation of cadmium at graphite electrode Sara Lahrich, Bouchaib Manoun, Moulay Abderrahim El Mhammedi. (2017)
  • Assessment of hydrothermal pretreatment of various lingo cellulosic biomass with CO2 catalyst for enhanced methane and hydrogen production, Cigdem Eskicioglu, Florian Monlau , Abdellatif Barakat , Ivet Ferrer ,Prasad Kaparaju, Eric Trably , Helene Carrere, Water Research, 120 (2017) 32-42
  • Effect of Titanium Substitution in a P2-Na2/3Co0.95Ti0.05O2 Cathode Material on the Structural and Electrochemical PropertiesNoha Sabi, Angelina Sarapulova, Sylvio Indris, Helmut Ehrenberg, Jones Alami and Ismael Saadoune (2017)
  • Effect of calcination temperature on the structureand catalytic performance of copper–ceria mixedoxide catalysts in phenol hydroxylation, Othmane Amadine, Younes Essamlali, Aziz Fihri, Mohamed Larzek and Mohamed Zahouily, RSC Adv., 2017, 7, 12586
  • Clayey Quarry Sludges: Thermal Transformation, Microstructure and Technological Properties M. Loutou,Rachid Hakkou, R. Argane, M. Mansori, L. Grase, R. SvinkaG. Mezinskis Waste and Biomass Valorization pp 1–11(2017)
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  • Synthesis, characterization and electrochemical investigation of NaPb4¡xCax(PO4)3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 1.5) incapturing cadmium (II)Sara Lahrich, Bouchaib Manoun,Moulay Abderrahim El Mhammedi (2017)
  • Porous ceramic from Moroccan natural phosphate and raw clay for microfiltration applications Mossaab Mouiyaa, Abdelkrim Abourrichea, Abdelaziz Benhammoua,Youssef El Hafianea, Younes Abouliatima, Lahbib Niboua, Mina Oumamb,Hassane Hannache, Agnès Smith (2017)
  • Physico-mechanical properties of plywood bonded with ecological adhesives from Acacia mollissima tannins and lingo sulfonates, Naima Rhazi, Mina Oumam, Abdessadek Sesbou, Hassan Hannache, and Fatima Charrier-El Bouhtoury (2017)
  • Preparation and Development of a Novel Activated Carbon based on Moroccan Oil Shale Using Activation Process, Nawal Elhammoudi1, Mina Oumam, Said Mansouri1, Az-iddin Chham, Abdelkrim Abourriche2, Hassan Hannache (2017)
  • Structural, electronic and optical properties of double perovskite oxide BaSrMgTeO6, M. Ait Haddouch1, A. Abbassi, Y. Aharbil, H. Labrim, Y. Tamraoui, F. Mirinioui, A. Benyoussef, L. Laânab and S. Benmokhtar (2017)
  • I. Izanzar, M. Kiso, M. Dahbi, S. Komaba, I. Saadoune, Hard Carbons Prepared by Pyrolyzing Date's Pits for Sodium Ion Batteries, in: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Conference (IRSEC), 2017 International, pp. 1-4 (2017)



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